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On the Record with Bob Costas & CostasNow

On the Record with Bob Costas & CostasNow
From 2001-2008

Bob Costas interviews an unpredictable array of today's sports, entertainment and political celebrities. The spectrum of guests and topics broaden with each passing season.
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Subject Date Segment
Aaron, Hank 07/16/2008 Town Hall Discussion
Abdul-Jabbar, Kareem 03/07/2001 Interview (with John Wooden)
Abt, Samuel 07/04/2003 Essay: Lance Armstrong
Affleck, Ben 05/28/2002 Interview
Agassi, Andre 05/21/2002 Interview
Albom, Mitch 04/29/2008 Panel: Sports Talk Radio
Anthony, Carmelo 05/02/2003 Interview (with Jim Boeheim)
Araton, Harvey 02/21/2001 Roundtable: Dale Earnhardt Tragedy
Armstrong, Lance 08/12/2005 Interview
Army/Navy 11/11/2005 Short Feature
Arnold, Patrick 07/24/2007 Interview
Arum, Bob 03/07/2001 Roundtable: State Of Boxing
Ashanti 07/04/2003 Interview
Bacon, Kevin 04/18/2001 Interview
Barber, Ronde 05/09/2003 Essay: Mother's Day
Barber, Tiki 05/09/2003 Essay: Mother's Day
Barber, Tiki 04/29/2008 Panel: Athletes and the Media
Barkley, Charles 04/18/2002 Interview
Barkley, Charles 04/18/2002 Interview with Mark Cuban
Barkley, Charles 12/06/2007 Roundtable
Barkley, Charles 12/17/2008 Panel: Year in Review
Barnes, Marvin 11/11/2005 Long Feature
Bernstein, Carl 06/13/2003 Roundtable: Watergate
Berra, Yogi 12/06/2007 On Phil Rizzuto (Obituary)
Bird, Larry 05/30/2003 Interview
Bissinger, Buzz 04/29/2008 Panel: The Internet and Impact of Bloggers
Blackistone, Kevin 05/30/2003 Essay: Harlem Globetrotters
Bodine, Geoffrey 02/21/2001 Roundtable: Dale Earnhardt Tragedy
Boeheim, Jim 05/02/2003 Interview (with Carmelo Anthony)
Bonds, Barry 06/13/2002 Interview
Boras, Scott 05/02/2001 Roundtable: Baseball Economics
Bracco, Lorraine 04/04/2002 Interview
Branca, Ralph 03/07/2001 9 In 90
Brand, Myles 03/13/2007 Roundtable: State of the Student Athlete
Brennan, Christine 02/28/2001 Roundtable: Women's Athletics
Brennan, Christine 05/23/2003 Roundtable: Annika Sorenstam
Brown, Jim 04/04/2001 Roundtable: Black Athletics
Brown, Jim 04/04/2002 Interview From Jail
Brown, Larry 06/10/2005 Interview
Bryant, Kobe 02/21/2001 Interview (with Phil Jackson)
Buck, Joe 04/29/2008 Panel: Sports Television
Bush, George W. 02/21/2001 Interview
Campbell, Earl 09/05/2007 Feature
Carlin, George 06/13/2002 Interview
Carter, Cris 04/29/2008 Panel: A Discussion on Race
Carter, Gary 07/24/2007 Roundtable
Carter, Hodding 03/13/2007 Feature: Academic Reform and the Student Athlete
Cavett, Dick 02/28/2001 9 In 90
Charles, Ray 04/15/2001 Interview (with Vin Scully)
Chastain, Brandi 04/11/2001 Interview
Clarke, Lenny 05/09/2003 Roundtable: Misc.
Clemens, Roger 06/20/2003 Interview
Clinton, Hillary 07/18/2003 Interview
Clooney, George 03/07/2001 Interview
Conigliaro, Tony 05/13/2005 Feature
Crystal, Billy 04/15/2001 Interview/9 In 90
Crystal, Billy 05/13/2005 Interview
Cuban, Mark 04/18/2002 Interview with Charles Barkley
Cuban, Mark 09/22/2009 Dallas Owners
Cusak, John 05/02/2003 Interview
Dash, Damon 07/11/2003 Roundtable: Hip-Hop Culture
David, Larry 05/30/2003 Interview
Dean, John 06/13/2003 Roundtable: Watergate
De La Hoya, Oscar 06/06/2002 Interview
Denkinger, Don 10/21/2005 Short Feature
Dergarabedian, Paul 05/23/2003 Essay: Matrix: Reloaded Hype
Douglas, Michael 05/09/2003 Interview
Dungy, Tony 12/06/2007 Interview
Earnhardt, Dale Jr. 06/27/2003 Essay: Corvette Birthday
Edwards, Braylon 04/29/2008 Panel: The Internet and Impact of Bloggers
Ellis, Doc 08/12/2005 Short Feature
Elway, John 09/22/2009 Quarterback Greats Discussion
Entine, Jon 04/04/2001 Roundtable: Black Athletics
Esiason, Boomer 04/18/2001 Roundtable: NFL Quarterbacks
Favre, Brett 06/15/2009 Interview
Feinstein, John 05/23/2003 Roundtable: Annika Sorenstam
Fleiss, Mike 05/16/2003 Roundtable: Reality TV
Ford, Harrison 06/06/2003 Interview
Fox, Michael J. 04/11/2001 Interview
Foxx, Jaime 06/06/2002 Interview
Gee, Gordon 03/13/2007 Feature: Academic Reform and the Student Athlete
Giambi, Jason 06/13/2003 Essay: Fathers
Giambi, Jeremy 06/13/2003 Essay: Fathers
Glick, Jiminy (Martin Short) 03/28/2002 Interview
Goldman, William 03/21/2001 Roundtable: Sports Movies
Goodell, Roger 09/05/2007 Interview
Greene, Maurice 03/28/2001 Interview with Edwin Moses
Greenfield, Jeff 06/06/2003 Essay: Robert Kennedy
Gretzky, Wayne 04/11/2002 Interview
Hammond, Darrell 02/21/2001 9 In 90
Hanks, Tom 02/14/2001 Interview
Harrison, Rodney 12/17/2008 Panel: Super Bowl
Hawk, Tony 06/06/2003 Interview
Haynes, Marques 05/30/2003 Essay: Harlem Globtrotters
Henner, Marilu 05/02/2001 Taxi Skit
Hillenbrand, Laura 05/16/2003 Essay: Secretariat
Hogan, Dave 06/06/2003 Essay: Paparazzi
Howard, Ron 05/09/2002 Interview
Howard, Ryan 12/17/2008 Panel: World Series
Irvin, Michael 06/15/2009 Discussion: Sport & Celebrity
Jackson, Phil 02/21/2001 Interview (with Kobe Bryant)
Jackson, Samuel L. 04/11/2002 Interview
James, LeBron 06/20/2003 Interview
Janzen, Lee (Payne Stewart) 06/10/2005 Short Feature
Jarvis, Mike 03/28/2001 Roundtable: College Athletics
Jay-Z 06/27/2003 Interview
Jenkins, Sally 03/13/2007 Roundtable: State of the Student Athlete
Jeter, Derek 05/28/2002 Interview
Jolie, Angelina 07/18/2003 Interview
Johnson (Ochocinco), Chad 06/15/2009 Discussion: Sport and Celebrity
Jones, Jerry 09/22/2009 Dallas Owners Discussion
Jones, Marion 05/02/2001 Interview
Jones Jr., Roy 03/07/2001 Roundtable: State Of Boxing
Judd, Ashley 03/28/2001 Interview
Kazmir, Scott 12/17/2008 Panel: World Series
Kennedy, Jaime 06/06/2003 Roundtable: Misc.
King, Don 05/02/2002 Interview
Klein, Robert 03/14/2001 Interview
Klein, Robert 07/18/2003 Roundtable: Misc.
Knight, Bob 03/14/2001 Interview
Knight, Bob 03/28/2002 Interview
Kram, Mark 04/15/2001 Roundtable: Ali Mystique
Krzyzewski, Mike 03/13/2007 Interview
Kundla, John 05/30/2003 Essay: Harlem Globetrotters
Landis, John 07/04/2003 Roundtable: Animal House
LaRussa, Tony 08/12/2005 Long Feature
Lawrence, Martin 07/11/2003 Interview
Leary, Denis 05/09/2003 Roundtable: Misc.
LeBlanc, Jean-Marie 07/04/2003 Essay: Lance Armstrong
Lee, Spike 04/15/2001 Roundtable: Ali Mystique
Leitch, Will 04/29/2008 Panel: The Internet and Impact of Bloggers
Leno, Jay 06/13/2003 Interview
Leslie, Lisa 04/11/2001 9 In 90
Levinson, Barry 03/21/2001 Roundtable: Sports Movies
Lewis, Jerry 02/28/2001 Interview
Lewis, Lennox 06/13/2002 Interview
Lewis, Lennox 06/13/2003 Essay: Mother's Day
Lewis, Richard 03/28/2001 9 In 90
Lewis, Richard 06/27/2003 Roundtable: Misc.
Little League Baseball 07/24/2007 Feature: 1955 Cannon Street All Stars
Liukin, Nastia 12/17/2008 Panel: Olympics
Longoria, Evan 07/16/2008 Town Hall Discussion
Lopez, George 05/30/2003 Interview
Lopez, Jennifer 05/21/2002 Interview/9 In 90
Mac, Bernie 05/02/2002 Interview
Maher, Bill 07/18/2003 Roundtable: Misc.
Manning, Archie 09/09/2005 Feature
Marino, Dan 09/22/2009 Quarterback Greats Discussion
Marsalis, Wynton 04/04/2001 9 In 90
Martinez, Pedro 12/08/2009 Baseball Discussion
Matheson, Tim 07/04/2003 Roundtable: Animal House
Mays, Willie 07/16/2008 Town Hall Discussion
Mayweather Jr., Floyd 12/08/2009 Sports Discussion
McCain, John 03/07/2001 Roundtable: State Of Boxing
McCarver, Tim 04/18/2001 9 In 90
McEnroe, John 02/28/2001 Interview
McEnroe, John 12/06/2007 Roundtable
McEnroe, John 04/29/2008 Panel: Athletes and the Media
McEnroe, John 12/17/2008 Panel: Year in Review
McGwire, Mark 03/21/2001 Interview
McMahon, Vince 03/14/2001 Interview
McMahon, Vince 05/16/2002 Interview
McWhorter, John 07/11/2003 Roundtable: Hip-Hop Culture
Mediate, Rocco 12/17/2008 Panel: U.S. Open
Mellencamp, John 06/13/2003 Intv. & performance: "To Washington"
Miller, Chip 06/27/2003 Essay: Corvette Birthday
Miller, Dennis 02/14/2001 Interview
Miller, Reggie 05/09/2002 Interview
Miller, Reggie 06/10/2005 Long Feature
Miller, Reggie 03/13/2007 Roundtable: State of the Student Athlete
Moore, Michael 05/09/2003 Interview
Moses, Edwin 03/28/2001 Interview (with Maurice Greene)
Nack, William 05/16/2003 Essay: Secretariat
Namath, Joe 09/22/2009 Quarterback Greats Discussion
Navratilova, Martina 05/09/2002 Interview
Newman, Paul 09/09/2005 Long Feature
Nicklaus, Jack 04/04/2001 Interview
Niklaus, Jack 07/08/2005 Long Feature
O'Neal, Patrice 05/09/2003 Roundtable: Misc.
O'Neal, Shaquille 04/11/2002 Interview
Ortiz, David 12/06/2007 Feature
Parker, Sarah Jessica 05/02/2001 Interview
Palmer, Jim 07/16/2008 Town Hall Discussion
Paterno, Joe 11/11/2005 Interview
Patrick, Dan 04/29/2008 Panel: Sports Television
Phelps, Michael 12/17/2008 Panel: Olympics
Povich, Maury 05/02/2001 9 In 90 (with Marilu Henner)
Punch, Dr. Jerry 02/21/2001 Roundtable: Dale Earnhardt Tragedy
Reeves, Richard 06/06/2003 Essay: Robert Kennedy
Reilly, Rick 04/11/2001 Roundtable: Tiger Woods
Reilly, Rick 05/23/2003 Roundtable: Annika Sorenstam
Reiner, Carl 05/23/2003 Interview/9 in 90
Rice, Jerry 09/09/2005 Interview
Riegert, Peter 07/04/2003 Roundtable: Animal House
Riley, Pat 05/28/2002 Interview
Robbins, Tim 05/02/2003 Roundtable: Bull Durham
Roberts, Cokie 05/09/2003 Essay: Mother's Day
Roberts, Jimmy 04/11/2001 Roundtable: Tiger Woods
Roberts, Robin 02/28/2001 Roundtable: Women'S Athletics
Roberts, Selena 04/29/2008 Panel: Athletes and the Media
Robertson, Oscar 02/14/2001 Roundtable: State Of The NBA
Robinson, David (son of Jackie) 10/21/2005 Long Feature
Robinson, Frank 07/08/2005 Interview
Rock, Chris 06/06/2002 Interview
Rock, Chris 07/24/2007 Roundtable
Rodriguez, Alex 03/28/2002 Interview
Roeper, Richard 05/23/2003 Essay: Matrix: Reloaded Hype
Rollins, Jimmy 12/17/2008 Panel: World Series
Romano, Ray 04/04/2001 Interview
Rose, Pete 07/16/2008 Town Hall Discussion
Rudd, Paul 06/15/2009 Panel: Comedians and Celebrity
Russell, Bill 04/18/2001 Interview
Russo, Christopher "Mad Dog" 04/29/2008 Panel: Sports Talk Radio
Sampras, Pete 07/04/2003 Interview
Samuels, Allison 02/14/2001 Roundtable: State Of The NBA
Sarandon, Susan 05/02/2003 Roundtable: Bull Durham
Schaap, Dick 04/15/2001 9 In 90
Schilling, Curt 07/24/2007 Feature
Schilling, Curt 09/22/2009 Interview
Schmidt, Mike 12/17/2008 Panel: World Series
Schwarzenegger, Arnold 06/20/2003 Interview
Scully, Vin 04/15/2001 Interview (with Ray Charles)
Seinfeld, Jerry 05/16/2003 Interview
Selig, Bud 04/04/2002 Interview
Selig, Bud 07/24/2007 Interview
Shalala, Donna 03/13/2007 Feature: Academic Reform and the Student Athlete
Shearer, Harry 05/30/2003 Commentary: FCC
Sheen, Charlie 05/21/2002 Interview
Sheffield, Gary 04/25/2002 Interview
Shelton, Ron 03/21/2001 Roundtable: Sports Movies
Shelton, Ron 05/02/2003 Roundtable: Bull Durham
Short, Martin (as Jiminy Glick) 03/28/2002 Interview
Smigel, Robert (as Triumph The Insult Comic Dog) 07/11/2003 Commentary: Bob Costas
Smith, Ozzie 07/24/2007 Roundtable
Smulyan, Jeff 05/02/2001 Roundtable: Baseball Economics
Snyder, Daniel 04/25/2002 Interview
Sorenstam, Annika 05/23/2003 Interview
Stahl, Lesley 03/21/2001 9 In 90
Starrt, James 07/04/2003 Essay: Lance Armstrong
Stern, David 02/14/2001 Roundtable: State Of The NBA
Stern, David 05/13/2005 Interview
Stewart, Jon 04/25/2002 Interview
Stewart, Tony 05/21/2002 Interview
Strahan, Michael 04/29/2008 Panel: Sports Talk Radio
Strahan, Michael 12/17/2008 Panel: Super Bowl
Strahan, Michael 12/07/2009 Sports Discussion
Sudeikis, Jason 06/15/2009 Panel: Comedians and Celebrity
Suzuki, Ichiro 06/27/2003 Interview
Sykes, Wanda 06/27/2003 Roundtable: Misc.
Taylor, Ben 05/09/2003 Essay: Mother's Day
Thompson, John 12/07/2007 On Eddie Robinson (Obituary)
Tirico, Mike 04/29/2008 Panel: Sports Television
Tomlinson, Ladanian 09/05/2007 Interview
Torre, Joe 02/14/2001 Interview
Torre, Joe 10/21/2005 Interview
Torres, Dara 02/28/2001 Roundtable: Women'S Athletics
Torres, Dara 12/17/2008 Panel: Olympics
Tyler, Aisha 06/06/2003 Roundtable: Misc
Tyree, David 12/17/2008 Panel: Super Bowl
Uecker, Bob 07/11/2003 Interview/9 in 90
Umenyiora, Osi 12/17/2008 Panel: Super Bowl
Upshaw, Gene 09/05/2007 Feature: Hall of Famers
Urlacher, Brian 12/08/2009 Football & Injuries Discussion
Vaccaro, Sonny 03/28/2001 Roundtable: College Athletics
Verducci, Tom 12/17/2008 Panel: World Series
Vermeil, Dick 12/07/2007 On Bill Walsh (Obituary)
Vick, Michael 04/18/2001 Roundtable: NFL Quarterbacks
Westbrook, Brian 12/08/2009 Football & Injuries Discussion
Whitlock, Jason 04/29/2008 Panel: A Discussion on Race
Wideman, J.E. 04/04/2001 Roundtable: Black Athletics
Wilbon, Michael 03/28/2001 Roundtable: College Athletics
Wilbon, Michael 04/29/2008 Panel: A Discussion on Race
Winfield, Dave 07/16/2008 Town Hall Discussion
Wood, Theo 06/06/2003 Essay: Paparazzi
Wooden, John 03/07/2001 Intv. w/Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Woods, Tiger 12/17/2008 Panel: U.S. Open
Wright, Antoine 03/13/2007 Feature: Academic Reform and the Student Athlete
Wuhl, Robert 05/02/2003 Roundtable: Bull Durham
Year of the Cheat 12/06/2007 Essay
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